Business Solution is an online Accounting, VAT Billing and Inventory management software product developed by Orange ITS. Business Solution is designed to address the accounting, inventory and billing needs of the establishments into distribution business, retail business, corporate offices with one or more branches and people on move.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get the Business Solution for my business?
You can get a copy of Business Solution by purchasing a copy from Orange IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. We also install 15 days trial version for interested parties.

Can I see a demo of Business Solution?
Yes, please contact us and let us know your leisure time so that we can come and demo the software.

Can a small or medium business system use this without any branch offices?
Yes, it is possible to run even with a single office or a business.

In what way it is different from other accounting software ?
Business Solution is an internet based software application. This software runs on a windows platform and follows n-tier architecture, where as the other software in the market are mostly non-internet based and do not provide distributed facility. This means they run within a closed network of an office (Intranet) or on a single computer. Such software architectures have technological limitations to share the data outside the network and do not support 'anytime-anywhere' philosophy. Moreover Business Solution has a very well designed Window based User Interface system which is very intuitive to use.

What is the advantage of internet with respect to above?
Advantage is huge. With internet one can access the software anytime and anywhere in the world. For eg: A regional manager sitting in one part of the world can look into the accounts, inventory, billing issues of all his godowns, branch offices / showrooms located in different part of the world.

What is required to run Business Solution?
Any computer with Internet facility and Business solution installed can access his records.

Is my company's data secure over the Internet?
Yes, Business Solution sends encrypted data over network. There will be various levels of security set at server and the client end. Hence, there is no worry about the security of data.

What other securities the software has?
The software has user level controls. This means, you can set permissions to restrict viewing of some sensitive company data. Apart from this, various user based roles that allow/disallow of viewing/modifying data on the server.

Where will be the server kept? In your office or our office?
We have hosted/kept one server for our customers. Customers can make use of this facility we are providing them. Data will be stored with us.

Can your staff see all our accounts?
The staff cannot see the accounts, unless authorised, will not be not be able to see account details. Additionally, if you require them to see, then you have to permit from your office by your administrator.

What is the safety of server in your office and our data in it?
We take a backup of data daily and without fail. We keep them in a place outside the office to avoid any burglary or misshapenness or earthquakes or failure of the hardware etc. We have an alternate server and we bring that server up in case of any problems.

Why should OrangeITS maintain servers and why can't we? Can I host the servers and keep data to myself?
OrangeITS has a setup of data managers, backup operators, account specialists, hardware engineers and other maintenance team to manage the server. Since we have the infrastructure, we are maintaining the servers.

We can maintain servers for you at your office also. Please contact us further details.